Real Estate Selling: Five (5) Tips On How To Sell Your House Without A Realtor

Home-selling without a realtor is no longer a new concept. As real estate agents usually get 5 to 10% commission of the sale, more and more land-owners opt to perform the transactions themselves. After all, if others can do it, so could they. This could mean extra money too! Here are five (5) guidelines in selling your house without the aid of a pro.

  1. Start your research.
    • Understand all the basics so you can create a game plan and note down all the tasks involved. What are the ins and outs of a real estate transaction? What type of paperwork is needed? Any common terms and jargons you need to get familiarized with?
    • Conduct a thorough research on the items that need legal attention.  How do you make the contract binding? Who will be helping you in the whole process – would you consult an attorney or maybe an appraiser? Which title company should you hire? Can they do the closing of the deal or would you do it yourself?
    • Check out the neighborhood and current market. How much does a land cost in your locale? Who are your competitions? If the land you’re selling is in the Philippines, know the state of the Philippine real estate so you’d be offering a fair value to the buyers.
    • Work on the price. How much would you sell it? Would be “lease-to-own” an alternative? What incentives will you offer to make it marketable?
    • Learn the art of negotiation in advance. Talk to an agent and observe how he does it. If you have a friend in the industry, gather his advice and tips.


  1. Ready your property. Whether it’s a house, condo or a duplex, always start with the good, the bad and the ugly. What are the plus things about your home and how do you further highlight them? What are the negative aspects? Are they still fixable? Perhaps, you need to refurnish to UP its worth and make it more presentable. Is there a way to repair the ugly without having to compromise the total cost? Why is it in the Marketplace? Be prepared with your answer because if you’re offering a good spot that is too good to be true to any buyer, they would be very interested to know why you’d be leaving the area. Make sure that it’s clean, neat, and habitable and the appliances are all functional. Have a friend or family act as an inspector to point out any possible problems he/she may see.

ready your property

  1. Compose a marketing strategy. From a prospective client’s perspective, what advantages does he get should he consider your offer? Itemize the stats – the geographic location, the demographics, and the size of the property. Focus on the comfort and ease it can provide him. Is it safe to live there? Is it near the supermarket, hospital or his workplace? What promotional technique would you employ? Would you promote it over the web or on print?

 marketing strategy

  1. Build a signage. Place a “For Sale” sign with contact information – telephone number to call to and the contact person to look for. You may also put additional signs on busy streets or along the roadways so it is viewable by a large number of people.

build a signage 

  1. Go online. Post an advertisement on and be precise in the location. Take good, engaging inside and outside photos and share it via social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

go online