Five (5) Philippine Highest-Grossing Films Of All Time

Our fascination to the TV, film and entertainment business has already been part of our Philippine culture. From romantic to drama films, action to comedy flicks, most scenes depict our daily lives which make it very relatable to all ages, gender and status.

It’s not surprising to learn then that watching movies is one of the favorite pastimes of Pinoys. From buying DVDs and searching for streaming videos over the web to going out to movie houses and hopping from one shopping center in the Philippines to another, the options never fail to encourage us to enjoy this activity – to share a few tears and laughter with friends, to relax and bond with our family and loved ones.

What Are Philippines’ Highest-Grossing Films Of All Times

These last three years have been one of the greatest moments in the Philippine cinema industry. In fact, records show that the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 list the most-watched movies of all time. Here are five (5) of them, based on actual box office revenues in Philippine Peso.

1.       Title: It Takes A Man And A Woman

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Release Date: March 30, 2013

Revenue in Philippine Peso: PhP401.00 million

Producers: Star Cinema and Viva Films

Synopsis:  This is the third and last installment of the Miggy (John Lloyd Cruz) – Laida (Sarah Geronimo) tandem. It Takes A Man And A Woman follows the life of the two after their break-up which occurred after the events in the second installment, You Changed My Life. Miggy, is now in a relationship with Belle (Isabelle Daza) while Laida is now a fiercer woman after living in the United States. They try to co-exist in the same company while Laida tries to oppose Miggy’s business decisions through a series of events which made them realize the real definition of true love.


2.       Title: Sisterakas

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: December 25, 2012

Revenue in Philippine Peso: PhP342.00 million

Producers: Star Cinema and Viva Films

Synopsis: The childhoods of Bernice (Vice Ganda) & Detty (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) were world apart, but they did have one thing in common: their father. Bernice’s birth was the result of an infidelity on his behalf and so while Detty grew up with a wealthy family, Bernice and his mother were left to fend for themselves. Years later, Bernice has become a wealthy and successful businessman, the so-called “Lord of Apparels”. But his abrasive personality and rudeness has led to the resignation of his 75th assistant. Detty, meanwhile, is in dire need of a job and applies for the newly vacated position as executive assistant to a man that, unbeknownst to her, is actually her half-brother. Bernice knows exactly who she is and hires her. For Detty, this job means she can take care of her daughters; for Bernice, it’s a chance for payback. Meanwhile, the main rival of Bernice’s company is currently posing as very strong competition. Headed by the eccentric yet equally brilliant & talented Roselle (Kris Aquino) the competition gets tougher, and a string of events lead to the two company heads fighting over the once expendable Detty.  


3.       Title: Praybeyt Benjamin

Genre: Comedy

Release Date: October 26, 2011

Revenue in Philippine Peso: PhP331.61 million

Producer: Star Cinema and Viva Films

Synopsis: Praybeyt Benjamin tells a story of a gay son Benjamin “Benjie” Santos VIII (Vice Ganda) of an ex-military soldier Benjamin VII (Jimmy Santos) who was forced to train in the army in order to save the country and his grandfather Benjamin VI (Eddie Garcia) from national crisis.

 Praybeyt Benjamin

4.       Title: No Other Woman

Genre: Drama

Release Date: September 28, 2011

Revenue in Philippine Peso: PhP278.39 million

Producer: Star Cinema and Viva Films

Synopsis: Furniture supplier Ram (Derek Ramsay) is happily married to Charmaine (Cristine Reyes). One day, Ram lands a big client, a new luxury resort. But he needs the help of Kara (Anne Curtis), the daughter of the owner of the resort, to finalize the deal. Kara’s help, however, comes with a price, because she fancies Ram to be her lover. Not before long, Kara successfully seduces Ram, even though she knows about his marriage. When Charmaine learns of the affair, she finds ways to fight for her husband’s waning attention.


5.       Title: The Mistress

Genre: Drama

Release Date: September 12, 2012

Revenue in Philippine Peso: PhP262.82 million

Producer: Star Cinema

Synopsis: Architect JD (John Lloyd Cruz) has a chip on his shoulder about his businessman father Rico (Ronaldo Valdez) never really accepting him as his son. Seamstress Sari (Bea Alonzo) struggles to take care of her family. The two meet by chance, and JD aggressively pursues Sari’s affections. Though the two are clearly a good match, there is a problem standing in the way of their bliss: Sari is the mistress of JD’s father. Against his better judgment, JD continues to court Sari even after finding out this difficult fact. He hides his true identity as Rico’s son, and fights to win Sari’s heart.

the mistress


Shopping: Filipino Style

Studies show that a majority of the Filipinos, despite their poverty and poor global economic standing, still enjoy and spend long hours in malls throughout the Philippines. Regardless of the status in life, many Filipinos can be found spending their time and what little they have left in the mall nearest them.

New Ayala Malls Logo Hi-ResShopping in the Philippines can be quite an experience since shopping isn’t constrained or limited to the various popular malls in Manila, but also to bazaars (“tiangges”) and wholesale public market places like Quiapo and Divisoria. Malls have become the go-to place for Filipinos not only to shop but also to dine, stroll around, relax and “unwind”. Coffee shops are the new additions the sprouting malls all over the country as business meetings, meet-ups and even family gatherings take place in malls.

Malls in the Philippines are one-stop establishments for everything the Filipino needs from groceries to movies, health (there are gyms), beauty (there are salons and spas) and even recreation (there are mini-parks in the newly built malls).

Easily crowned as the most popular chain of malls in the country, SM has 49 malls spread throughout the country.

sm north edsaSM North Edsa is considered the pioneer of Philippine malls because it was the first mall to provide the ulimate “mall shopping experience” to Filipinos. Its accessible, strategic and very convenient location made it such a hit and even a tourist spot back in the 1990s. Neighboring provinces like Bulacan and Pampanga even flock to the mall for leisure. Now it has expanded to include the Cyberzone Carpark, Annex, The Block and Sky Garden. Plans to build an IMAX movie theater is already in progress.

mall of asiaSM Mall of Asia is the largest mall in the Philippines and occupies the 7th position as one of the largest malls in the world. Located along the relocation area of Manila Bay, SM MOA as it commonly called, offers over 600 shops inside its mall building. It is also the first establishment to have an IMAX theater offering.  Aside from the vast (and international) dining experience choices they have to offer, SM Mall of Asia is also home to the country’s first Olympic-sized skating rink.

Not to be missed are the own chain of Ayala Malls. Consisting of Trinoma (Triangle North of Manila), Glorietta and Greenbelt, Ayala malls are usually associated with upper class society. Greenbelt for one is known to be the mall where the rich shop and the rest just window shop. Greenbelt has four different malls – Greenbelt 1 is the original building housing the Onstage theater, Greenbelt 2 offers fine dining, Greenbelt 3 boutique shops and cinemas and Greenbelt 4 high end retail and designer stores.

Tips For Shopping With Your Boyfriend

It is an accepted fact that most girls like to shop but for most guys, shopping is actually one of their most abhorred activities. While shopping can be therapeutic and relaxing for a lot of girls, it can be stressful and tedious for many guys.

shopping with boyfriendNevertheless, it is definitely not unusual to see couples walking around in Philippine shopping malls. This means that despite the difference in how they feel about this particular activity, it is something that a couple can do together without much hassle and difficulty between them. Below are some tips for you the next time you feel like dragging your boyfriend to a shopping center in the Philippines.

  • Shop when both of you are in a good mood. Shopping may be therapeutic for you but if you are in a foul mood you will not be good company for your boyfriend, making this activity even more undesirable for him. Hence, it is better to go shopping with him when both of you are in a good mood. Never ask him to go shopping when he is not feeling too okay.
  • Have a plan. Although most girls shop without any particular plan, having one when shopping with your boyfriend will make this more bearable and predictable for him. If you are the type who does not like planning where to go on your shopping trip, make an exception when you are with your boyfriend. It will help him deal with the tediousness of shopping if he has something like an itinerary.
  • Strike a deal. To make it fair to your boyfriend, strike a deal with him wherein you will do an activity that he likes in exchange for shopping with you. This way, you both get to do something each of you enjoys and you get to do them together. This will help you enjoy together even if the activities you will be doing are not something you both enjoy at the same time. Striking this kind of deal with him focuses more on spending time together instead of on the shopping itself.
  • Stop asking for his opinion. Fight the urge to ask for his opinion every time you try something on. Keep in mind that for most guys, an empire cut top is not so different from a balloon top and that emerald green, forest green, moss green, and olive green, are all just ‘green’ for him.

Home Staging: Five (5) Things To Consider Before You Do Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is often found at the top of the checklist when it comes to home features that buyers are mostly interested in. One of the tricks to a quick house sale normally lies to being able to stage, remodel or renovate this area in a way that would greatly appeal to the masses. However, as a homeseller, there are several considerations that you need to undertake before you proceed with your upgrade plans. Here are some of them.

  1. Check the overall cost. Money is a big element to think about every time you’re looking to improve a feature of your Philippine property for sale. The amount of the total spending is a great indication whether it would be wise to invest on remodeling a section of the house or to just perform some minor enhancements yourself. Hence, conduct a research first on the value of your home. Consult a realtor friend for suggestions in terms of perking up the kitchens – what items do most homebuyers look for, how important a certain renovation would be to them when it comes to influencing their decision to buy and how much do the materials actually cost. Browse through the web for tips on how to budget and save money wisely. Search for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hints to enrich the ambience. Maybe, adding a light fixture or changing the drapes could do wonders to the lighting.cost

  1. Plan the space usage properly. Space is a basic and integral aspect to consider in having a functional and workable kitchen. There has to be enough legroom to prepare the ingredients, cook or even entertain walk-in guests if what you have is an eat-in concept. Talk to an expert or planner who’s well versed on this type of thing. Perhaps, there might be some square footage from the adjoining rooms that could be utilized or a room for bigger yet compact wall cabinets to store the kitchenware.kitchen2

  1. Choose neutral colors. Pick a neutral palette to attract more people. Leaning towards lively shades such as orange, blue or red might be interesting for some but please do remember that your future clients are likely to have different tastes. Freshen it up with paint to set the tone of the room. Stick to shiny, black appliances instead of white to attain that elegant and high-end feel.Kitchen3

  1. Be current with your style. You wouldn’t want to be old-fashioned and extremely outdated with your design, would you? Therefore, do make a short study on what’s in and what’s out in the Philippine real estate industry. List down all the items that are currently popular in your neighborhood. Ask around. Flip through magazines for additional inspirations and ideas.kitchen4

Real Estate Selling: Five (5) Additional Tips To Stage Your Home And Sell It Fast

How you stage your property is a key factor to selling them quickly and in the highest possible price. From basic techniques such as keeping it clean and comfy to setting a relaxed ambience to all prospective homebuyers, the main trick is how to present it in the most homely fashion so as to give it an edge against the thousands of the home properties for sale in the Philippines. Whether it is a house in the suburbs, a city apartment or a posh PH condo that you have put out in the market, learn the ways to make it extra attractive to your future clients.

solds-4Here are five tips to help you out.

 1.      Paint it in warm, neutral colors that appeal to the mass. Each person’s taste in colors varies. Some may want brighter tones such as lime green and orange while others may like it pastel like light blue or baby pink. While white seems safest so they could easily envision their decors, opt for a more sophisticated backdrop in rich mid-tones – mocha or “greige”. To project an image of quality and neutrality, choose paints instead of wallpapers.

2.      Consider flooring. Work on your floorings – give it thorough cleaning, steam-clean the carpets and refinish them as necessary. If your budget will allow it, select hardwood floors, ceramic tiles or stones for the kitchen, bathroom, living and dining rooms to maintain an elegant appearance. Let go of linoleums, they aren’t good options anymore. Place area rugs strategically if you can’t afford huge floor improvements.

3.      Put life to your walls. Place a piece of artwork or design a painted accent wall to draw their eyes and pique their curiosity. Be mindful to notice if there are cracks on your walling as this may pose alert to potential buyers. Be detailed in self-inspection before you invite anyone for a tour.

4.      Provide enough lighting all over the place. Open the curtains and blinds during the visit. Lighten up the surroundings by fixing those broken lamps and getting rid of the outdated light fixtures. No one would want to buy a residence that conveys a boring and gloomy atmosphere. Keep your porch lights on in the evenings for night visitors.

5.      Balance out the furniture. Take note of the size of the rooms when you arrange them. Too little, too much, too small, too big is a definite no. Avoid a cluttered air by balancing them properly. Give the impression that they are all new, expensive and inviting. Style it in a manner that depicts plenty of space.

Best Locations For A Retirement Home In The Philippines

A lot of people dream of having their own retirement home in a place that is peaceful and relaxing. There are a lot of lucky ones who get to have this very early in their lives, some who will only get the chance after they have married off their children, and unfortunately, some will never get to have their own separate home specifically for their retirement years.

Nevertheless, for those who will get the opportunity, choosing a home for your retirement should not be taken lightly. The Philippine real estate property that you will choose should feel right to you and match all of your needs and preferences especially since it will be your home until your last few days. Below are some of the best locations to consider when looking for your retirement home.

  • Laguna. This province is one of the nearest to Metro Manila in the south. Also a site of many new developments and Philippine properties, particularly in Santa Rosa, a home in the province of Laguna will provide you with the quiet of rural life and the easy access to the urban jungle that is Metro Manila.


  • Tagaytay. The cool weather of Tagaytay make it perfect not just for a vacation home but also for a more permanent retirement home. The temperature may be really low during colder months but it is usually just cool and comfortable. The abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables also make it convenient for older people who need to have healthier diets.


  • Palawan. For those who envision a retirement life far away from the city and close to the raw beauty of the Philippine’s most beautiful beaches, then Palawan is the best place to go to. Living a simple life is easily achievable in Palawan and you can enjoy fresh sea foods as much as you want.


  • Cebu. If you are the type who cannot leave the hustle and bustle of the city but prefers quieter retirement years, then Cebu might be the perfect location for you. With the good mix of urban areas in a more rural setting compared to Manila, this province is good for those who still want a commercial life around them even if excellent beaches are just nearby.

cebu ayalaland

  • Davao. A good place for those who are in the southern provinces, Davao is a good choice that balances the urban air with provincial charm. You can enjoy a lot of must-see places such as Mount Apo and creatures such as the Philippine eagle.Avida expands southward with first condo project in Davao City

Real Estate Selling: Five (5) Basic DIY Tips To Stage Your Home

One key to making a sale in real estate is by setting up your property the right way. Say, if you have properties for sale in the Philippines like condos for example, it should be able to cater to Filipino taste and culture. They are your main target so understanding their wants and needs is essential in real estate selling.

Another aspect to consider is what is popularly known as home staging. With home staging, you are prepping your properties in the Philippines, or your houses I should say, with the intent of showcasing their best assets. You make them incredibly appealing and very welcoming, so much so to impress potential homebuyers, to let them know what they would be missing should they opt to ignore the opportunity and to make them decide in the end to do the purchase altogether.

If you are in the process of putting your house on the market without the aid of a realtor, you would need some home staging techniques to boost your deal against your competitors. Here are five (5) basic do-it-yourself tricks to help you out.

1.       Make everything squeaky clean and neat. Be thorough. Inspect all nooks and crannies for possible dirt. Ensure that all surfaces are free of dust – the table top, the chair arm rest, the appliances. Run your fingers across them to test if they are spotless. Look at your mirrors. Your reflection should be crystal clear on them. Your windows should allow the morning sunlight to pass through it brightly. Organize your kitchen neatly. See that your bathroom sparkles. Take out the trash. Most of all, check your front door and lawn. There should be no hint of debris or leaves scattered around the area.

clean and neat2.       It should smell good and homely. Use spray neutralizers all throughout your home. Make sure that all materials made of fabrics are fresh and scented with fresheners. Choose a scent that is light yet pleasing to the nose. Avoid strong fragrance as this could turn off people who are sensitive to powerful scents. Create an inviting aroma in the dining room. Bake cinnamon-coated apples in the oven to get rid of other odors from last night’s dinner or the like.

3.       Focus on storage space and remove traces that you are the current inhabitant. One of things that buyers are usually interested in is the place where they could store their stuff. Is the closet big enough for their personal belongings? Do you offer a good place for their books and work area? On the same note, they should also be able to visualize themselves as future homeowners so it would be wise to put away pieces that mostly define you – framed photos of your kids or personalized wall art bearing your family names.

storage room
4.       Portray a relaxed ambience. Play a classical piece on your music player to set the mood. A lil jazz perhaps or any relaxing sounds that would give the impression that they have all the time in the world. Prepare small snacks – cookies or bread and a fruit beverage. Remember your goal: make them feel at home.

relax ambiance
5.       Give them time to be comfy. Show privacy by letting them browse freely and with no hurry. Leave them alone for 10 to 15 minutes right after showing the features of your abode.  This would enable them to evaluate their surroundings without a stranger trailing hot on their heels.

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Tips For Cleaning Your Condo

Living in a condo in the Philippines has become popular in the past few years. While some of those who live in a condo unit are actual owners of the unit, there are lots of people who are just renting the condo unit that they live in. Whether you are the owner or the renter of the condo unit you are living in, it is very important to know how to maintain and clean your unit. Below are some cleaning tips to help you.

cleaning a condo

  • Pack away after using. Since most Philippine condo units are very small, it is very important to know how to reduce the clutter that can easily make your unit look disorderly. No matter where you are in the condo unit and no matter what it is you’re doing, make sure to pack away right after using anything. Get a lot of creative storage solutions where you can put your things quickly. By packing away immediately after using anything, the clutter that needs to be put away will not pile up into unmanageable levels. Packing away becomes even more important at nights. Make sure that your condo is organized and clean before going to bed so that a clean condo unit will welcome you when you wake up in the morning.
  • Use the right cleaning tools. Different cleaning tools have different functions. Even if it may be tempting to use alternatives, the best way to clean something is to use the right cleaning tool specifically designed for it. This also applies to cleaning products such as solutions.
  • Set a schedule. It is good to set a schedule when you will regularly do the cleaning. Once you have set it in your calendar then it will be easier for you to remember. Make your cleaning a routine and do not compromise it for anything else.
  • Make it fun. If you have kids then you know that they can either be a hindrance or a help in getting your groove in cleaning your condo. Try to make it bearable by offering to let your child help out. Although it will not be a permanent schedule, keep in mind that letting your child help means that it will be faster and better. Chances are, you will have to redo some of the things that you d did. Just make it fun for the kids .

Tips in Looking for a Home in the Philippines

If you’re considering to purchase any of the houses for sale in the Philippines or are looking at Philippine properties for sale in the current market, it’s always good to look through different property options. Many Filipinos dream of acquiring their own property for their families and future children, but what are the different factors to consider in acquiring your own home?


The best, if not the most important factor, is where your home will be located. Will it be near your place of work? Do you have reputable schools (elementary, high school, or college campuses) around you? Are hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies, and drug stores within reach? It also helps to have different retail stores like grocery stores, wet markets, and even department stores nearby. Accessibility is helpful in determining where your future home would be.

Aside from your family’s basic needs, it would also help if you had a barangay outpost, fire station, and police station just within reach of your future home. If you’re looking for houses for sale in the Philippines you must consider you and your family’s safety and security. You will never know when you would need these, especially in case of emergency.  You also need to check the neighborhood’s garbage collecting system, and if the area is  easily flooded.

It would be a big help for you to ask relatives or friends who have lived previously in the location you wish to move in to. Your loved ones would be the best reference point for the property you wish to acquire. You may even receive referrals from them from brokers that offer Philippine properties for sale. If you’re lucky, your real estate broker might even help you with payment plans for your desired property, or even help you with repayment plans for your housing loan.