Tips For Having Your Event In A Restaurant

It is inevitable that you will have one, two, or even more special occasions to celebrate with your family and friends. Whether it is a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, or a baptismal or dedication, you will get to experience planning an event where you can celebrate the special occasion with people important to you.


The most common venues for such events are function rooms, hotel banquet halls, and subdivision clubhouses. Aside from these venues, you may also choose to have your venue in a restaurant. Although this open often provides less flexibility than if you hire a venue and plan everything else, it also has its perks and you can plan it well so you can still have the event that you want.

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Below are some tips to help you out.

  • Do an ocular. Even if you have been in the restaurant you are considering a lot of times, it is still important to do an ocular specifically for the event you are planning to hold there. This will help you view the venue with a different perspective and with the specific event in consideration. It is best to visit the restaurant at the same day of the week and time that you plan to have your event. This way, you can get an idea of the typical number of customers that the restaurant gets during the same day and time.
  • Be specific about what are allowed and not allowed. Most restaurants have more restrictions than if you hired an event venue and got your own caterer. Hence, it is good to be clear and specific about what are allowed and not allowed in the restaurant. Can outside food such as a cake be consumed? Can you put up decorations in the area? Can you bring in your own sound system?
  • Ask for freebies. Restaurants are often more flexible in terms of providing inclusions if you want to hold your event in the restaurant. Do not be shy to ask for some items to be included in whatever package you have agreed on such as free use of audio-visual equipment, extended use of the venue, and to allow small food and beverage items to be brought in and consumed without any corkage. If the restaurant offers menu packages, you might also try to ask for some free items such as free desserts, drinks, soup, or appetizers.