Three (3) Tips In Finding And Shopping For A Perfect Valentine Gift For Your Partner

Valentine’s Day is like an international day for those in love. Celebrated worldwide, it creates an opportunity for couples to show affection to each other in the most festive and expressive way possible. From beautiful flowers to chocolates, heart-shaped balloons, tear-jerking cards and heart-warming gifts, each represents a romantic feeling just as the event is meant to inspire everyone, young and old alike.

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How To Find And Shop For A Perfect Valentine Gift For Your Partner

Make your Valentine’s Day a memorable celebration between you and your sweetheart. Here are some tips in finding and shopping for a perfect memento for your partner.

1.  Base the item on:

  • the amount of time you are together. For lovers, the type of gift differs on how long you are tagged as a couple. Suppose you are on your 3rd monthsary this February, you wouldn’t want to give her a diamond ring knowing you just met her three months ago, would you? Unless both of you have discussed about tying the knot early on, chances are, you’ll only scare her away with your extravagant gift as it represents bigger commitment on her side.
  • the level of your relationship. Another consideration is how deep you are into each other. For instance, if you are newlyweds, getting something naughty and nice will surely add a spice to your marriage.
  • his or her preferences.  Determine his or her likes and work towards looking for a present that is both sweet yet complimentary with his or her personality.

2.  Start shopping. Begin by browsing over the web for ideas and inspiration. Look for deals from his or her favorite stores. Order as early as two weeks in advance to avail a cheaper price. If you want to buy online, make sure that shipping is free. If you prefer to go on foot, call the shop’s branch first for available stock so you’ll be saved from unnecessary trips to the malls.

3.  Include a romantic twist on it. Do not let yourself be limited with the present alone. Be creative in adding a few tricks to make this moment unforgettable. Greet the morning by saying “I Love You”. Use words and actions to express your emotions. Add a personal note identifying 101 reasons why you’re blessed to have him or her in your life. Write a soulful letter when least expected. Surprise him or her with breakfast in bed. Put an effort in demonstrating how special he or she is to you.


Tips For Shopping With Your Boyfriend

It is an accepted fact that most girls like to shop but for most guys, shopping is actually one of their most abhorred activities. While shopping can be therapeutic and relaxing for a lot of girls, it can be stressful and tedious for many guys.

shopping with boyfriendNevertheless, it is definitely not unusual to see couples walking around in Philippine shopping malls. This means that despite the difference in how they feel about this particular activity, it is something that a couple can do together without much hassle and difficulty between them. Below are some tips for you the next time you feel like dragging your boyfriend to a shopping center in the Philippines.

  • Shop when both of you are in a good mood. Shopping may be therapeutic for you but if you are in a foul mood you will not be good company for your boyfriend, making this activity even more undesirable for him. Hence, it is better to go shopping with him when both of you are in a good mood. Never ask him to go shopping when he is not feeling too okay.
  • Have a plan. Although most girls shop without any particular plan, having one when shopping with your boyfriend will make this more bearable and predictable for him. If you are the type who does not like planning where to go on your shopping trip, make an exception when you are with your boyfriend. It will help him deal with the tediousness of shopping if he has something like an itinerary.
  • Strike a deal. To make it fair to your boyfriend, strike a deal with him wherein you will do an activity that he likes in exchange for shopping with you. This way, you both get to do something each of you enjoys and you get to do them together. This will help you enjoy together even if the activities you will be doing are not something you both enjoy at the same time. Striking this kind of deal with him focuses more on spending time together instead of on the shopping itself.
  • Stop asking for his opinion. Fight the urge to ask for his opinion every time you try something on. Keep in mind that for most guys, an empire cut top is not so different from a balloon top and that emerald green, forest green, moss green, and olive green, are all just ‘green’ for him.