Guide To Buying Your Own Retirement Home

There are a lot more things to consider when buying a retirement home compared to when you’re buying a regular living space. The main reason for this is because it entails a little more finality (and less flexibility) than the latter. That is, it would be impractical to spend your retirement benefits relocating to a different area instead of enjoying it on some leisure activity you’ve always dreamed of experiencing.

shutterstock_21501784So if you are planning on buying a house for sale in the Philippines as your retirement home, here are some tips that might just help.

Near health care options.

Before settling on a specific place or community, it would be wise to check where the nearest medical facilities are. Is your home option significantly close to a hospital? Or if you have a propensity for a specific condition such as diabetes or kidney problems (which may run in the family), is it near a dialysis center? It would be more convenient to choose among Philippine properties that are near such facilities so you don’t spend most of your retirement years worrying about your medical conditions.

Lower costs.

If you’re planning to live on your retirement benefits alone, it would be more practical to look for a retirement home with lower housing or living costs. This means selling your family home (which by that time would probably be much bigger than you would really need), liquidating your assets, and then using the money to purchase a home somewhere else where the cost of living is way less than what you spend on before. This way, you get to splurge on the things you dreamed of enjoying before, but were not able to because of impractically high costs of living.

Near the Right Leisure Amenities.

If you want to spend your retirement years playing golf, then live in a place near some golf courses; or if you’re the type who wants to spend a lot of time swimming, then live somewhere near a pool. In other words, find a retirement home relatively close to the leisure amenities you want to spend most of your retirement years enjoying.

Close to friends and family.

For a lot of people, family and friends climb up the priority list once retirement comes. Aside from the fact that they provide more significance to your life, they can also provide you help in filling up the space that work created in your daily living.


Three (3) Tips In Finding And Shopping For A Perfect Valentine Gift For Your Partner

Valentine’s Day is like an international day for those in love. Celebrated worldwide, it creates an opportunity for couples to show affection to each other in the most festive and expressive way possible. From beautiful flowers to chocolates, heart-shaped balloons, tear-jerking cards and heart-warming gifts, each represents a romantic feeling just as the event is meant to inspire everyone, young and old alike.

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How To Find And Shop For A Perfect Valentine Gift For Your Partner

Make your Valentine’s Day a memorable celebration between you and your sweetheart. Here are some tips in finding and shopping for a perfect memento for your partner.

1.  Base the item on:

  • the amount of time you are together. For lovers, the type of gift differs on how long you are tagged as a couple. Suppose you are on your 3rd monthsary this February, you wouldn’t want to give her a diamond ring knowing you just met her three months ago, would you? Unless both of you have discussed about tying the knot early on, chances are, you’ll only scare her away with your extravagant gift as it represents bigger commitment on her side.
  • the level of your relationship. Another consideration is how deep you are into each other. For instance, if you are newlyweds, getting something naughty and nice will surely add a spice to your marriage.
  • his or her preferences.  Determine his or her likes and work towards looking for a present that is both sweet yet complimentary with his or her personality.

2.  Start shopping. Begin by browsing over the web for ideas and inspiration. Look for deals from his or her favorite stores. Order as early as two weeks in advance to avail a cheaper price. If you want to buy online, make sure that shipping is free. If you prefer to go on foot, call the shop’s branch first for available stock so you’ll be saved from unnecessary trips to the malls.

3.  Include a romantic twist on it. Do not let yourself be limited with the present alone. Be creative in adding a few tricks to make this moment unforgettable. Greet the morning by saying “I Love You”. Use words and actions to express your emotions. Add a personal note identifying 101 reasons why you’re blessed to have him or her in your life. Write a soulful letter when least expected. Surprise him or her with breakfast in bed. Put an effort in demonstrating how special he or she is to you.