Home Staging: Five (5) Things To Consider Before You Do Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is often found at the top of the checklist when it comes to home features that buyers are mostly interested in. One of the tricks to a quick house sale normally lies to being able to stage, remodel or renovate this area in a way that would greatly appeal to the masses. However, as a homeseller, there are several considerations that you need to undertake before you proceed with your upgrade plans. Here are some of them.

  1. Check the overall cost. Money is a big element to think about every time you’re looking to improve a feature of your Philippine property for sale. The amount of the total spending is a great indication whether it would be wise to invest on remodeling a section of the house or to just perform some minor enhancements yourself. Hence, conduct a research first on the value of your home. Consult a realtor friend for suggestions in terms of perking up the kitchens – what items do most homebuyers look for, how important a certain renovation would be to them when it comes to influencing their decision to buy and how much do the materials actually cost. Browse through the web for tips on how to budget and save money wisely. Search for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hints to enrich the ambience. Maybe, adding a light fixture or changing the drapes could do wonders to the lighting.cost

  1. Plan the space usage properly. Space is a basic and integral aspect to consider in having a functional and workable kitchen. There has to be enough legroom to prepare the ingredients, cook or even entertain walk-in guests if what you have is an eat-in concept. Talk to an expert or planner who’s well versed on this type of thing. Perhaps, there might be some square footage from the adjoining rooms that could be utilized or a room for bigger yet compact wall cabinets to store the kitchenware.kitchen2

  1. Choose neutral colors. Pick a neutral palette to attract more people. Leaning towards lively shades such as orange, blue or red might be interesting for some but please do remember that your future clients are likely to have different tastes. Freshen it up with paint to set the tone of the room. Stick to shiny, black appliances instead of white to attain that elegant and high-end feel.Kitchen3

  1. Be current with your style. You wouldn’t want to be old-fashioned and extremely outdated with your design, would you? Therefore, do make a short study on what’s in and what’s out in the Philippine real estate industry. List down all the items that are currently popular in your neighborhood. Ask around. Flip through magazines for additional inspirations and ideas.kitchen4