Best Locations For A Retirement Home In The Philippines

A lot of people dream of having their own retirement home in a place that is peaceful and relaxing. There are a lot of lucky ones who get to have this very early in their lives, some who will only get the chance after they have married off their children, and unfortunately, some will never get to have their own separate home specifically for their retirement years.

Nevertheless, for those who will get the opportunity, choosing a home for your retirement should not be taken lightly. The Philippine real estate property that you will choose should feel right to you and match all of your needs and preferences especially since it will be your home until your last few days. Below are some of the best locations to consider when looking for your retirement home.

  • Laguna. This province is one of the nearest to Metro Manila in the south. Also a site of many new developments and Philippine properties, particularly in Santa Rosa, a home in the province of Laguna will provide you with the quiet of rural life and the easy access to the urban jungle that is Metro Manila.


  • Tagaytay. The cool weather of Tagaytay make it perfect not just for a vacation home but also for a more permanent retirement home. The temperature may be really low during colder months but it is usually just cool and comfortable. The abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables also make it convenient for older people who need to have healthier diets.


  • Palawan. For those who envision a retirement life far away from the city and close to the raw beauty of the Philippine’s most beautiful beaches, then Palawan is the best place to go to. Living a simple life is easily achievable in Palawan and you can enjoy fresh sea foods as much as you want.


  • Cebu. If you are the type who cannot leave the hustle and bustle of the city but prefers quieter retirement years, then Cebu might be the perfect location for you. With the good mix of urban areas in a more rural setting compared to Manila, this province is good for those who still want a commercial life around them even if excellent beaches are just nearby.

cebu ayalaland

  • Davao. A good place for those who are in the southern provinces, Davao is a good choice that balances the urban air with provincial charm. You can enjoy a lot of must-see places such as Mount Apo and creatures such as the Philippine eagle.Avida expands southward with first condo project in Davao City

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