Real Estate Selling: Five (5) Basic DIY Tips To Stage Your Home

One key to making a sale in real estate is by setting up your property the right way. Say, if you have properties for sale in the Philippines like condos for example, it should be able to cater to Filipino taste and culture. They are your main target so understanding their wants and needs is essential in real estate selling.

Another aspect to consider is what is popularly known as home staging. With home staging, you are prepping your properties in the Philippines, or your houses I should say, with the intent of showcasing their best assets. You make them incredibly appealing and very welcoming, so much so to impress potential homebuyers, to let them know what they would be missing should they opt to ignore the opportunity and to make them decide in the end to do the purchase altogether.

If you are in the process of putting your house on the market without the aid of a realtor, you would need some home staging techniques to boost your deal against your competitors. Here are five (5) basic do-it-yourself tricks to help you out.

1.       Make everything squeaky clean and neat. Be thorough. Inspect all nooks and crannies for possible dirt. Ensure that all surfaces are free of dust – the table top, the chair arm rest, the appliances. Run your fingers across them to test if they are spotless. Look at your mirrors. Your reflection should be crystal clear on them. Your windows should allow the morning sunlight to pass through it brightly. Organize your kitchen neatly. See that your bathroom sparkles. Take out the trash. Most of all, check your front door and lawn. There should be no hint of debris or leaves scattered around the area.

clean and neat2.       It should smell good and homely. Use spray neutralizers all throughout your home. Make sure that all materials made of fabrics are fresh and scented with fresheners. Choose a scent that is light yet pleasing to the nose. Avoid strong fragrance as this could turn off people who are sensitive to powerful scents. Create an inviting aroma in the dining room. Bake cinnamon-coated apples in the oven to get rid of other odors from last night’s dinner or the like.

3.       Focus on storage space and remove traces that you are the current inhabitant. One of things that buyers are usually interested in is the place where they could store their stuff. Is the closet big enough for their personal belongings? Do you offer a good place for their books and work area? On the same note, they should also be able to visualize themselves as future homeowners so it would be wise to put away pieces that mostly define you – framed photos of your kids or personalized wall art bearing your family names.

storage room
4.       Portray a relaxed ambience. Play a classical piece on your music player to set the mood. A lil jazz perhaps or any relaxing sounds that would give the impression that they have all the time in the world. Prepare small snacks – cookies or bread and a fruit beverage. Remember your goal: make them feel at home.

relax ambiance
5.       Give them time to be comfy. Show privacy by letting them browse freely and with no hurry. Leave them alone for 10 to 15 minutes right after showing the features of your abode.  This would enable them to evaluate their surroundings without a stranger trailing hot on their heels.


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